Fun Facts

The Arithmetic of Yuzu Essential Oil

A single 3-hour batch run requires 300 kg of Yuzu Peel and produces ~2 kg of Yuzu Essential Oil, so it takes about 150 kg of Yuzu Peel to produce 1 kg of Yuzu EO. More than 2,000 pieces of Yuzu fruit are needed to produce 150 kg of Yuzu Peel.

The Stupid Tree

Farmers sometimes refer to Yuzu as the “stupid tree”, as one has to be really stupid to plant it- given that it takes some 18 years to bear its first fruit.

The Ugly Fruit

Yuzu is ofter referred to in Japan as the “ugly fruit”, referring to its asymmetric shape and bumpy, scarred skin. Normally fruit in such condition would be rejected by Japanese fresh groceries and supermarkets, but ALL Yuzu fruit looks like this, and its juice is prized, so it has become accepted despite its appearance. Roughly 60% of Yuzu fruit is sold fresh, and 40% is juiced.

Family Farms

Almost all Yuzu Fruit is grown in orchards on family farms. The average age of a farmer in Japan is 68, and many have part-time jobs outside of farming to support their income.

The Freshest Possible

Our Yuzu Essential Oil production is done against purchase order, so the oil we ship has generally been produced within the previous few weeks (depending on size of shipment).